Borders Country Hill Walking – Three Brethren

I wanted to push our endurance a bit so we chose another “two boot” rated walk. My secret goal is to get to the point where we can comfortably tackle a Munro and by comfortably I mean not die. Three Brethren looked great, it had the right kind of profile, not too far from our house, no areas where we couldn’t take the pugs and a mid-point reward of 3 massive stone cairns built in the 16th century.

You start in Philiphaugh Estates and the path begins taking you up through woods then emerging into fields and moorlands as the climb gently continues. You pass a lovely wee waterfall (Corbie Linn), tucked in among the trees and undergrowth. Further along there’s a nice little reservoir and stream running along side for a while.


Then the climb begins to be less gentle as you work your way up the side of Cairn Rig, with the Three Brethren within view (a nice little bit of motivation when your thighs are cursing you for thinking this was a good idea). It also helps that as you climb and occasionally look back over your shoulder you’re rewarded with views that keep getting better.

We did this walk just before Christmas (yes I am that far behind…) and had picked up some coats for the ladies as the cold was definitely becoming a limiting factor for them. I’m really glad we did, the wind was cutting and temps were cold enough to freeze puddles over.

The views from the top made everything worth it. I do love these hills.

And the Three Brethren weren’t bad either, at about 3 metres tall and very stout.

There’s a little bench along side the cairn with names recorded, I didn’t have a chance to fully look at what this represented, by that point the ladies were shivering and very ready to get moving again. I can just about make out something about standard bearers in the photo I took. We’ll need to go back to find out what that’s all about. I did take a pic of a lovely mouse someone carved into the bench.

We were practically running back down the hill side in comparison to the speed we made the climb at. Then the path works it’s way between a couple more hills, through more grazing land and moorland. Finally coming around to give you great views over Selkirk.

We got back to the car with a little light left and a big appetite…time for fish and chips.

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