New Year’s Eve

Previous years have been spent with friends, playing games and hanging out then turning on the TV just in time to watch the ball drop in NYC with a glass of Champagne. I’ve always been envious of the people in the city, to be part of that experience and atmosphere with the confetti flying and thousands of people around you singing Auld Lang Syne. At the same time it’s totally out of my comfort zone (which typically involves a giant mug of tea, blanket, movies and, most importantly Pugs), the idea of being at a giant party fills me with anxiety and dread. So this is my chance to push myself out of that comfort zone and be a part of something I have often secretly wanted to.

We’ve bought tickets for the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party. It starts at 9pm, we’ve decided to get to the city much earlier in the hopes of finding a parking space on a residential street, then we’ll grab some food before the festivities begin. It’s been ages since we’ve had sushi (about the same length of time since I drove a car!) so I’m on the hunt for a sushi bar that’s open and not too far from the action.

I’ll report back…if I survive!

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