SturdiBag Flex Height Carrier Review

The pugs traveled in a carrier made by Sturdi Products during our relocation trip. We chose their SturdiBag Flex Height Carrier, here’s why:

  • It seemed impossible to find out exactly how much height and length would be available under the seats
  • We wanted to maximize the space the ladies had without breaking too many “your carrier must be this size” rules
  • It was important to us that the ladies felt safe and secure without being completely boxed in

The flex height carrier accomplished all of these and the ladies had no problem getting comfy in them. The airline were not at all bothered about the actual dimensions of the carrier. In fact the only question the desk attendant asked us was the approximate weight of the pugs but weren’t bothered enough to check it with the scales that were right in front of them. In short, the size/weight concerns I was stressing about were total non-issues.

The only thing I would change about the carrier is to have a door at both ends but they did just fine without it so it’s really a very minor point. Overall I was really happy that we picked this carrier.

We did spend a lot of time training the ladies to get “in the bag”. It’s a personal strategy with any new equipment, it’s always introduced with plenty of treats and praise so there is a strong positive association with it. We started off by putting small niblets of their regular food right inside door so they didn’t have to go in to retrieve it but could see that the carrier wasn’t a scary thing. Gradually the niblet moved further back into the carrier so they had to go completely in to get it. Then we worked on getting them to turn around in the carrier and to use the hatch in the top. Finally we got them used to the door being zipped up and the carrier leaving the floor. All of this took 3 – 4 weeks of training, we were super happy with the end results though. Zoey picked up on this much faster than Leeloo and was a total star. Below is Zoey demonstrating her mad skillz.

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