Hunting the elusive rental

Finding a rental property when you’re an unknown, black hole of a tenant with pets is challenging. Even more so when you have a large pile of stuff on a ship heading your way. We did a lot of research via Zoopla and rightmove, we found when we were talking to people they all knew a property here or there that they thought would be great for us but in reality their suggestions were not good. Something we learnt early as previous home owners who have not been involved in rental shopping for a long time is that rentals move fast here. You need to be ready to say “I’ll take it” when you’re looking at it, if it’s a good property hesitation just means someone else is going to swoop in.
Our must haves were:
  • Space for an office or two
  • Spare bedroom
  • Some amount of garden area
  • Character
That last one should probably have been in the nice to have list, I just couldn’t tear myself away from the properties with history.
Looking for all of these in our price range with pets meant that we would have to sacrifice something else, there would have to be a reason there weren’t other applicants because as soon as there are other applicants we may as well have been invisible (no UK credit history and pets made us Mr & Mrs Cellophane). We ended up with the following compromises:
  • a detached house for a town house with a ground floor tenant
  • regular shaped rooms for some really odd shape
  • the overall repair of the property is not great
The room shape for me was not a huge deal, the building has a curved front which I find quite appealing, inside and outside. The overall repair doesn’t bother me as much as it might some. Sure there’s some torn wallpaper here and there and B described the bathroom cabinet as a “handyman special” but there’s also deliciously high ceilings and the most beautiful cornice work in some places.
Now comes the balancing act of hiding some stuff that really bugs me while not fixing too much because it’s not our permanent home. This will be especially difficult in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Hunting the elusive rental

  1. It must be very difficult finding somewhere to call ‘home’ when time and choice is so limited. Good luck with this new adventure. I hope you will be able to make your rental comfortable and a nice place to be.


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