16 year old me

Yeah…stress and anxiety has always gone straight to my stomach and any contents are immediately evacuated. 16 year old me would be spending 90% of my day puking in the bathroom at the moment.

The stress is getting to be pretty high, a lot of parts are in movement all at the same time. It feels a lot like trying to stay in the saddle of a horse that galloping flat out. Almost as if the relocation process has legs of it’s own now and we’re just trying to keep up.

So progress…

We had another chat with our vets just to make sure she didn’t have any health concerns regarding the cats traveling. Overall she didn’t have any concerns but we’re going to try some calming treats for them to help manage some of the stress they will experience. We’ve secured a cattery in Edinburgh, the animal reception service (called Extrordinair) in Edinburgh airport will take them from the airport to the cattery for us. Having Extrordinair at the airport has been a huge stress relief, they’ve directed me to the correct forms and I’ve been able to send them our paper work ahead of time to make sure everything is completed correctly.

We’ve found a couple of rental houses that are good possibilities. Luckily my sister has offered to view one of them for us as they would not accept an application to rent without it being viewed. Having my sister there has also been a huge stress relief!

We’ve also got appointments with 2 movers for surveys of our house contents this week so we’ve been frantically sorting through stuff and have taken a huge pile of stuff to the Salvation Army and the Habitat Restore.

To finish the week off we have an appointment with another property management service. The fee structure seems to be very standard but we wanted to get a second opinion and these folks are a little more local.

After this week I will be ready to be dunked in a vat of wine.

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