One small step for us, one giant step for the cats

After much investigation we’ve booked the cats flight. We discovered that United has a seasonal flight from Chicago to Edinburgh that is going to be discontinued after October 5th. Flying them into Edinburgh and then driving south for an hour or so seems a much better prospect than flying them into London and then driving them north for about 5-6 hours. It also takes the pressure off of us to have to pick them up on the way from Paris. The other big factor behind making the reservation is that for United the max quantity of animals allowed in the cargo hold is 5 and there just happened to be no animals booked on the October 5th flight, so we went for it.

At first I was pretty happy about this arrangement, we’d finally set a date for something and avoided the whole cats in London scenario. Now anxiety is settling in, this thing that we’re going to do to our cats is a lot less nebulous. What if something happens to them during transit? Suddenly I feel incredibly selfish but it’s way too late to turn back. And of course, this forward movement comes with it’s own set of forms to fill in. I was aware of most of them but one I was not, the EU journal. Extrodinair are the handlers in Edinburgh airport and they have provided the necessary forms for this. We have all of the info already but will need to take the form to a USDA office for their official stamp.

This deadline has inspired a new energy in me for getting ready. This weekend will be spent mostly in the basement. We have a ton of stored stuff that really has no need to stick around so it’s time to purge! I’m expecting at least one jumbo trip to the Salvation Army.

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