Inching Closer

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, mostly because we’ve been traveling quite a bit. As there is no end date to our immigration it feels like we need to fit in as much as we can before we go. We went on one last camping trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, one last gaming convention and managed to fit in a quick trip to UK to scope out some potential locations to live in. It’s been a hectic couple of months.
We learnt quite a lot during the recon trip, especially regarding internet availability. After living in the down town area of a smallish town in US I’m ready for something a little more rural. I’m tired of picking cigarette butts out of my flower gardens and listening to people squeal their tires around the corner. This doesn’t look like it will be possible though as more rural locations have pretty atrocious internet speed or no connection at all. I checked out the possibility of satellite broadband but I’m not convinced that I won’t be crippled by the ping speed. A good connection and speed are essential as we’ll both be working from home so we’re compromising and looking in areas a bit closer to town.
Visa application for B has been started, just gathering a couple of last supporting documents before we send the whole package off to Sheffield. We’re going to end up paying for priority processing because I don’t think we can wait the 12 weeks. I’m B’s sponsor for a settlement visa which should allow him to be gainfully employed. We had some hurdles to jump through regarding official documents, turns out when you work for a small company official documents are not official enough. B had his biometrics appointment yesterday which was 5 minutes of getting fingerprints, taking picture and stamping the piece of paper.
We’ve also met with one property management company regarding managing our house in Michigan as a rental. Like many folks in Michigan we’re underwater on our mortgage and flipping our house into a rental is the solution we’ve decided on. I do want to meet with a couple more folks on this to make sure we get a good package. It’s going to be really tough to turn over the keys of our pride and joy to a stranger and trust them to take good care of her. There are so many memories in this house.
One thing that is absolutely driving me nuts is not knowing when we can travel. Obviously we can’t make travel arrangements for B until his visa is approved. So much is dependent on this date; shipping our furniture, booking our travel, marketing our house for rent, renting a house there. We’ve started considering traveling separately if B’s visa isn’t approved in time for us to travel together.

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